Why SkillAir?

S – Support your community and local businesses. It’s important that we help each other out and support the community we live in. Using SkillAir enables you to either offer your services or buy the services of other locals. It's a support loop that keeps our local economy thriving.


K – Keeping organized and staying efficient. Everything you need is in the app: messaging, bookings, payments, and reviews.


I – Intuitive and easy to use. Becoming a supplier is super simple and so is finding one! SkillAir quickly finds all the skills and services available to you. Use the filters to narrow down exactly what you’re looking and when you need it for.


L – Let people know when you’re available. Manage your time the way you want. You don’t need to work Monday to Friday, 9 to 5, or on the weekends, you choose when you want to work. If you’re using SkillAir for part time work, you can schedule it around your regular job, so you don’t sacrifice your free time.


L – Learn a new skill. There’s always time to learn something new, whether it’s playing an instrument, riding a bike or learning to cook. SkillAir gives the opportunity for people try something they may have been wanting to try for awhile, while meeting and supporting people in the community.


A – Avoid high costs and long waiting times. There’s nothing more irritating than being turned away or put on the waiting list because what you need help with is not big enough. SkillAir fills that void of connecting people with skills to those who need them immediately.  


I – Increase the size of your bank account. If you’ve got a skill or talent, why not make some extra cash from it? If you need some extra cash for a holiday, some new skis, or to help with rent, SkillAir allows you to be able to increase your income in your own time.


R – Run your business. Whether you have an existing business or just starting one, SkillAir is the perfect place to market, sell and get paid for what you can offer to your community. The simplicity of the app makes it an enjoyable and easy platform to manage a business.

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