Work Hard, Play Hard!

We have all heard the phrase ‘work hard,play hard’, and this is something that resonates very strongly with us atSkillAir and for many of you in the Sea to Sky community. To work here, besuccessful, and have a good time (which is the most important thing!), you needto use the skills you have, to earn the money you need, to the live thelifestyle you want.   Because the cost ofliving is so high, it is SkillAir’s mission to give our locals the platform andthe opportunity to offer your skills or services to the wider community to earnextra income.


Signing up on our app gives you theopportunity to decide how and when you want to make some extra cash using theskills or expertise you have and being your own boss. Nothing supports the laidback west coast lifestyle more than choosing when, where and how long you wantto work for.


It’s all about taking advantage of the timeand opportunities you have, so being able to choose the days and times that youwork gives you full control, so you don’t miss the hot, sunny days at the lakeor powder days on a snowy January morning. As we all know, there’s nothing moreannoying knowing you’ve got to work on powder days!


So, what are you waiting for? With thequiet season fast approaching, get that skill you’ve been dying to share withus up on SkillAir so that you can start earning a few extra dollars that youcan use when we’re able to travel again or when the snow starts to fall, youcan treat yourself to some new gear for the winter season. Whatever it is, wecan’t wait for you to join us!

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